Our History

On a Wednesday evening, 23 September 1987, a small group of believers in Jesus Christ met in the home of Dr. Worth Worley at 25 Dunsfold Drive for the purpose of establishing a new independent Baptist church in Singapore.  That group met again the following Wednesday and determined, by a simple majority vote, that the name of this new church would Heritage Baptist Church.

On Saturday afternoon, 07 November 1987, twenty-four people met at the Balmoral Room in the Garden Hotel for the official organizational service of the Heritage Baptist Church. After being properly organized, Heritage Baptist Church(HBC) was officially recognized by the Registry of Societies on 03 June 1988.

From the beginning, HBC has been a mission minded church. When only six months old, HBC hosted its first annual missions conference and unanimously voted to begin sending monthly support to eight missionary projects.  Over the years, the love and burden of this church for missions has not changed – today we are able to truthfully say that “the sun never sets on the ministry of Heritage Baptist Church!”

In February 1995, Pastor Worley announced his conviction that God was calling him to start a new ministry in eastern Russia.  Therefore, HBC unanimously voted to call Pastor Ray Crocker, who was serving as Pastor Worley’s associate, to take over as the senior pastor.

Over the years, as the church has grown and as situations changed, HBC has moved its worship services to different locations.  And yet, our purpose and our focus – reaching everyone we can with the life changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ – has remained unchanged.

It has been noted that in the Bible, the book of Acts has no proper ending because of the fact that the history of the church is still being written. In the same way, we will not seek to end this history because, by God’s grace, it is still being written – and will continue to be written until the Lord Jesus Christ comes again to take us to our eternal home!