Heritage Baptist Church Youth Ministry is one of the most vibrant Minitries in HBC given the age group. And with this group, there’s a regular activity setup every Saturday at 2:30pm in 21 Tai Seng St (see Location) called Youth Fellowship which cover varying topics to introduce the Youth to a more Biblically sound and life applicable principles.


We know the challenges we face in this time and generation for our Youth. And as parents, there’s nothing more we could desire but for our kids to grow in the knowledge of God whose mercy and glory is manifested in the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are parents who desire to see your kids grow in the knowledge and fear of God, this will be a good activity to have your kids be engaged with. We invite you to join us with this…


Belonging to the Youth Ministry will also be the HBC Cup which we sponsor yearly. Watch out for this one if you guys love and breath football.