What is Hell and is it Real?

End of 2013 Pastor Ray Crocker has taught and preached from the Bible about Hell and discussed what it is and who is it for and how one could end up there.

There’s great details provided in the Series of Study for Hell. And if you’re one that cares about your soul, we highly recommend that you take time to listen to the materials provided. As one could say, i’ve done good or i’ve followed some religious practices carefully, or one could even say, i’ve known Christ, but reality is, you could still end up in Hell. There’s so much Truth we can learn from these Bibilical teachings. So we hope at Heritage Baptist Church that the series of Biblical studies would be a blessing and beneficial to your soul as it is to us.

Is Hell Real? – Part 1

Is Hell Real? – Part 2

Is Hell Real? – Part 3

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