The Man Who Went To Hell Thinking About Heaven

Here’s a message from Pastor Ray Crocker that shows the desire of many to go the place called Heaven, yet in the end went to Hell. Pastor in this message highlighted a few examples from the Bible that show this reality. In fact, this reality is getting worst everyday due to the many false religions that teach not the Truth about God and about Jesus Christ. The most common teaching is to simply do good and all will be well even if you don’t believe in Christ Jesus. However, doing good will not really tell us if we’ve done good enough isn’t it? But by Repentance and Faith in Christ, we have the assurance of Everlasting Life promised by Christ Himself.

The other factor is the influence of the world and its pleasurable things that deceive many people to believe that there’s no life after death and that life is only in this world and nothing beyond it and hence the unbelief. Such a mentality that cause hundreds of people to go to Hell everyday. The message will touch these things, so hope you enjoy it and reflect upon it and mirror where you stand in your Faith in Jesus Christ today…

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