Introduction to the Books of Jude and Revelation

Finally, we have reached the last two Books of the New Testament portion of the Bible, the Books of Jude and Revelation. If you have followed through these Introductions, by now you would have known that each Book in the Bible has certain theme, certain audience where the message is being addressed to like to a Pastor, to a Church or to just every believer that walks in the likeness of Jesus Christ today.

You would also notice that each Book addresses certain issue and the Apostle who have written the Book by the inspiration of God and Christ Jesus would also give advice as to how to deal with such issue based on Biblical principles. Some of the books would also give commendation and portray as good examples to follow by every believer of Jesus Christ today.

It is our desire at Heritage Baptist Church that these materials would reach all the ends of the earth for the Glory of God and Salvation of Souls.

Book of Jude

Book of Revelation

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