Introduction to the Books of 1-2 Peter and 1-3 John

Now we come closer to the end of the New Testament Book Introductions by Pastor Ray Crocker and in this series, we will cover the Books of 1-2 Peter and 1-3 John. These are the Books with less chapters but with much to learn from it.

In the Introductions, Listeners will be able to know about the theme of the Books, some historical background as to when the books where written and by who, as well as the lessons and life applications we can draw from the admonisions and even rebuke from Christ Himself delivered or preached through His Disciples. We hope you enjoy the messages and may your heart be blessed greatly by it.

Book of 1 Peter

Book of 2 Peter

Book of 1 John

Book of 2 John

Book of 3 John

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