Heaven – The Place of Eternal Glory and Worship

Here we have the second installment of the series about Heaven that Pastor Ray Crocker faithfully preached previously with all details taken from the Bible and with no personal interpretration. Such a wonderful details about Heaven that any True Christian (Follower of Jesus Christ) would dare not to miss.

If you’re not a Christian, maybe you are a Catholic, a Muslim, a Free-Thinker, a Buddhist, a Mormon, or a believer of other religious practices and beliefs or maybe you’re an Athiest, we respect what you believe. However you also have the right to know what is Heaven and who is it for. And especially you have the right to know who is Jesus Christ and that He died for you too. We hope and pray that this series about Heaven would be a blessing to you.

The New Jerusalem – Part 2

The New Jerusalem – Part 3

The New Jerusalem, Part 4

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