Heaven – The Place for the Followers of Jesus Christ

Recently we had the series posted about Hell. What it is like, some Biblical accounts about Hell and of those who have gone there, who is it for and how can one avoid Hell. Now Pastor Ray Crocker will give a series of Bible Studies about Heaven. As we know, when there’s bad, there’s also good and vice versa. So same for the Promise to everyone who would follow or reject Jesus Christ. There is a Promise of Heaven and Hell.

What to expect in this series? In the first three series, Pastor Crocker will give an Introduction of Heaven. And then he will touch on the Purpose and Location of Heaven. The last one will be talking about the New Jerusalem. At Heritage Baptist Church, we all long to meet our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ one day. And having this series about Heaven, to discuss the Promise and great Hope that is given to every Believer of Jesus Christ and give some details about it, is sure very exciting. So we hope that it will be the same for you too.

Introduction To Heaven

Heaven’s Purpose & Location

The New Jerusalem

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